Special Activities

Get out of the routine with a memorable meeting.
Celebrate them in a comfortable and accessible private room. You can choose from several menu options so that the boss and his appetite are well satisfied.

From from our kitchen to your conference.
You have a meeting at the company, but do not want to order the same thing for lunch? Our Chefs at Romano’s Macaroni Grill will prepare trays with our most delicious dishes. Just call us 24 hours in advance and get them! It includes plates, cutlery and napkins. All the ingredients for the meeting are very, very buono!

In Italy they also eat breakfast.
Our spacious private rooms are available for meetings early in the morning. We offer several delicious menus for all to savor the meeting.

You also get a personalized service, privacy, free use of the room (requires a minimum of consumption) and an elegant atmosphere. For more information call (787)306-0929 for the Metro area or (787)664-9134 for the ​​Ponce and Mayaguez area.

Special Activities Menu:

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